“Through effective property management, we can make your property really work for you.”

RMS Property and Facilities Management brings you active, personal management no matter the size of your property portfolio. In the competitive global market, the maximisation of returns on your property investment forms the foundation of effective value generation.

By combining the market-specific knowledge and experience of our property management team with the latest technology, established back-end systems and processes, and up-to-date legal and financial expertise, we are able to provide value-added services over and above the standard procedures of rent collection and disbursement.

It’s not good enough just to collect the rent and pay the costs. You need tried and proven computerized systems and management processes that bring high quality control with continuous improvement and innovation.

With the very latest technology and our intimate knowledge of every trend and aspect of South African property, our portfolio managers will get to know your needs and help your business grow.

A relationship with us ensures that you have the following services at your disposal:

  • Asset financial health checks
  • Accurate budgeting and forecasting
  • Asset life cycle maximisation
  • Building management
  • Tenancy ratio analyses
  • Lease management
  • Rental administration
  • Performance management and analysis
  • Property management consulting
  • General and Financial administration